Nabagram School Appeal


Make a difference today by supporting the repair of the school buildings.

£10 to buy paint for the walls
£50 to pay a months salary for a teacher
£100 to repair the toilets
£250 to repair dangerous electrics
£1000 to repaint the outside of the school


Nabagram Primary School had to close in 2018 due to a shortage of funds having been supported by Barnabas Fund for 5 years.  A commitment has been made by Life For Bangladesh to respond to requests to reopen the school in January 2021 so that children of all faiths can receive a Christian education in the village and do not have to travel a mile each day to a Muslim or Hindu school.  The condition of the buildings and playground have deteriorated, and now require urgent work to make them safe for the children.

On behalf of the teachers and Children can we thank those who have already given £400 towards this appeal. We still have a long way to go, in order to make the school safe.

With your help we can make a difference



The condition of the building and playground would not pass international standards of safety.    Electrical problems mean the children are meeting in darkness sat on benches which are broken and needing a coat of paint.   The swings and slides cannot be used since they have corroded badly exposing sharp and dangerous edges. 

Schools have barely enough income to pay for staffing costs.  The buildings have often been paid for by gifts from International charities or private sponsors.   As they deteriorate it can be difficult to raise grants from the same sources.  By supporting the school we are sharing God's love with some of the poorest children.

Matthew 7:25 "The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and eat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock.


We have a serious immediate need to improve the buildings for Nabagram school, which after twelve years of neglect have deteriorated and require intervention to keep the buildings safe for the children and staff. 

Through the winter and monsoon seasons, the broken windows allow rain inside the classrooms making them unusable. 

The broken roofs are allowing water in which can lead to localised flood. 

Your donations can be quickly made via online banking or PayPal, with a few clicks on a mobile.

Your gift however small will make a difference.


Nabagram school estimates the repair costs to make the buildings and playground clean and safe, to be around £3,000.  

Photos above show the scale of the problem, with broken pavements, damaged roof, holes in walls, corroded playground equipment, defective locks, broken toilet.

Below is a photo of the school taken ten years ago when the building was in prime condition.


A list of specific repairs is shown, if you wish to sponsor something in particular.

Estimates for the individual repairs are shown below. 

  • Wall painting inside and outside = £1,250
  • Replace tables and benches = £1,600 
  • Roof painting cost = £500 
  • Playground repair costs = £250 
  • Wall repair costs = £250 
  • Doors and windows repair = £200 
  • Electric Wiring = £250 
  • Five Electric fans = £150
  • Toilet repair = £100

Life For Bangladesh is a registered UK charity which supports the ministry of Life For Bangladesh a Bangladesh based Christian organisation providing relief, training and education to some of the poorest families in Bangladesh, since 1991Life For Bangladesh has helped raise funding to cover the costs of the building and repair of seven churches, two schools and pastors accommodation.

We run two schools with 165 pupils from differing creeds and religions.

As a locally based organisation, Life For Bangladesh understands and responds to the needs of the communities.  

Our work is driven by the belief that every child has the right to a free, quality Christian education.