Christmas Appeal

Make a difference today by sponsoring gifts and food to make Christmas as special time for the poor in Bangladesh.

£10 to provide meals for 5 people.
£50 to provide meals for 25 people.
£100 to pay towards gifts for children and for our volunteer workers.

Download a brochure for this appeal with details of more ways to give


Whilst the children who attend our pre-school in Amagram, Bangladesh look smart in their Christmas outfits, they come from some of the poorest homes in Bangladesh. They simply do not have the money to buy Christmas gifts.

Furthermore, without our help they would not have an education and many would not know about the Christian faith.

A kind gift of £5 is enough to buy a child a warm meal and gift to share God's love and to make Christmas a more special time.

With your help we can share God's love, one child at a time...


The school in Amagram is run as a faith ministry and income is barely enough to pay for teachers salaries and certainly not enough for building repairs or new furniture.

As a Christian school, it is the teachers and Trustees wish, to make Christmas a special time of celebration and to demonstrate God's love and care to each student.

Whilst we celebrate Christmas with lavish decorations in centrally heated houses, the children at Amagram once school breaks up spend their Christmas in bare wooden huts with poor insulation from the winter weather. Most will sleep on the soil floors with blankets and no beds.

Matthew 25:35-36 - "for I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you took Me in; I was naked and you clothed Me; I was in prison and you came to Me".


The Christmas appeal begins in the summer each year, in order to enable us to make plans and ensure the children receive their meals and gifts in time for the end of term
Pre-Christmas celebrations in mid December.

Donations can be quickly made via online banking or PayPal, with a few clicks on a mobile phone.

Our school is attended by children of all faiths. Your gift however small will make a difference.


In the present economic climate, small charities like ours have seen real declines in income. We have had to close four schools and are praying in faith for God's provision to enable the school to continue to express God's love to the poor in Bangladesh.

Your donations to this appeal will go to the children of the Life For Bangladesh (BRYFC) school in Amagram.

Pictures of the meals and gifts will be shared on our Facebook page.

Any additional donations not marked for this appeal will be sent on maintaining the staff and facilities at the school.

Our prayer is that we will in time be able to re-open the schools which had to close due to shortage of money to pay staff.

100% of your money will help the poor in Bangladesh.