School and Church Building

School and Church Building
£320.00 Raised: £10,000.00 Goal:

Make a difference today by sponsoring the repair of church and Christian school buildings.

£10 to paint and filler for small repairs.
£50 to repair doors and furniture.
£100 to replace damaged furniture.
£1000 to repaint and repair the outsides of church buildings

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Churches and schools in Bangladesh have difficulty in maintaining their premises, mainly because building work costs are extremely high and income is very low.

With your help, we can sponsor churches and schools to improve their buildings in order to provide a more safe and effective place for education, Christian worship and mission within the community.

Charities such as Life 4 Bangladesh play a vital role in enabling minority Christian schools and churches to continue to operate.

With your help we can make a difference...


Churches and schools have barely enough income to pay for staffing costs. The buildings have often been paid for by gifts from International charities or private sponsors. As they deteriorate it can be difficult to raise grants from the same sources.

The photos in this brochure show churches, schools and pastors accomodation which we have helped to improve.

Before renovation, the buildings suffered from leaking roofs, poor lighting and dangerous electrical installations.

In flood season, the church is often the place where people come to escape the rising waters. It is vital to provide a place which is free of danger, dry and warm.

Matthew 7:25 - "The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and eat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock".


We have a serious immediate need to improve the buildings for Amgram school, which after ten years of neglect have deteriorated and require intervention to keep the buildings safe for the children and staff.

We are also aware of other churches in rural areas where with your help we can improve their facilities and the impact they have for our Lord and saviour.

Donations can be quickly made via online banking or PayPal.

Your gift however small will make a difference.


Amgram school estimates the repair costs to make the buildings clean and safe, to be around £3,000. Photos below, show the scale of the need, with broken pavements, holes in walls, defective locks, broken toilets and showers.

Reductions in funding have resulted in the closure of four of our schools and we are praying in faith for God's provision to enable the remaining school to continue to operate safely and to express God's love to the poor in Bangladesh.


Estimates for the individual repairs are shown below.

  • Wall painting inside and outside £1,250
  • Roof painting cost £500
  • Wall repair costs £250
  • Doors and windows repair£200
  • A partition black board change &Repair £250
  • Electric Wiring £250
  • Two Electric fans £60
  • Toilet repair £100

Life For Bangladesh is a registered UK charity which supports the ministry of Bangladesh Rural Youth Fellowship Center (BRYFC), a Bangladesh based Christian organisation providing relief, training and education to some of the poorest families in Bangladesh, since 1991

BRYFC has helped raise funding to cover the costs of the building and repair of seven churches, two schools and pastor’s accommodation.

BRYFC supports a school with 115 pupils from differing creeds and religions.

As a locally based organisation, BRYFC understands and responds to the needs of the communities.