Your contributions in support of our appeals and programmes are greatly appreciated and making a real difference to many of the poorest people in Bangladesh. Regular donations enable us to plan ahead and use your gifts more effectively.

Donations can be made in a number of ways.
  1. Donate through PayPal either to the General Appeal or to a specific Life 4 Bangladesh recent appeal from the list Here.
    We will receive a notification and be able to see your giving straight away and be able to respond.
    Donations to our General Appeal will be allocated based on the most urgent needs at this time.
  2. To make a donation through PayPal Giving, by card or PayPal account, with no service charges by PayPal, You may keep your donation anonymous if you so desire. Your gift may not be seen by us for some time
    Click Here
  3. Give through Facebook Giving on our UK Facebook Page located Here (
    Money received will be acknowledged when we receive notification from Facebook Giving. Money will be allocated to the General Appeal.
  1. Banking App transfers may be made direct to our bank account. Money will be allocated to our General Appeal unless we hear from you.   If you can kindly email our office with your details, we will be able to issue a receipt as soon as we see the money in our account.

Account Name: Life For Bangladesh
Sort Code: 30 99 50
Account Number: 81928160

  1. Consider investing in God’s kingdom through your Will, and by so doing, leave a lasting legacy to help future generations. Larger donations are vital to enable us to achieve sustainability and to ensure that God’s work will continue after we are gone.